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Wonderful food, friendly service. A welcome addition to the neighborhood. Despite some early-days hitches when I first walked in, the naan and vindaloo made my day. Try Spice Villa now before word gets out.

Gravatar William F., Yelp

Small establishment but amazing food. The paneer tikka masala was perfect! Cannot wait to try more of their dishes.

Gravatar Shilpi T., Yelp

I gotta say, after this place changed up the chef… It’s definitely my new go to! Went twice in a row this week, they hired a new tandoor chef who will serveyou naan that melts in your mouth! And their roti is fresh as well. Customer service is also A+. The guys seem to be hard workers that care for their customers and make sure that everyone is satisfied.

Paneer khadai
Chilli garlic naan
Manchurian( throw back to how you get it on the streets in India)
Kaju curry

I can’t wait to try the rest of the items on their menu!

Gravatar Yasmini Patel, Yelp

I recommend this restaurant to everyone. The place is clean, friendly staff, and plus the food is just so delicious.. 🍳👌

Gravatar Rutvik Patel, Google

Amazing food with on point customer service! A perfect combination of healthy and tasty. Unlike other Indian places, it doesn’t taste solely like chili; but indeed has a good flavor. YOU CAN TASTE THE DIFFERENCE!!!

Gravatar Deepal Patel, Google

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